About us

Who are we?

Our company was established in Marbella in 2004 with main activities construction of residential, administrative and production buildings and supply of building materials. For the best organization of business processes, it was necessary to single out and develop domotica as a separate project. Before becoming an independent unit, we realized several large private projects. The work showed the market attractiveness and competitiveness of our advanced technologies.

Where do we work?

We carry out projects from Malaga to Algeciras, our office is located in Marbella.

Who do we work with?

Since the technologies we use are universal and flexible, it allows us to provide services to a wide range of clients: private clients, small businesses, hotels, architects, developers. If you need automate something, organize video surveillance, a backup system, a seamless Wi-Fi network and just connect the Internet or IP TV – contact us, we will certainly help you.

With whom we cooperate?

SmartLink is official representative of Zipato in the territory of Spain. We have joined at the Z-Wave Alliance and have received the status of Certified Integrator. We also cooperate with distributors and manufacturers of products related to smart homes. This allows us to provide customers with the best price conditions and guarantee quality. We invite new suppliers to cooperate.

What technologies do we use?

At the heart of smart home solutions, we use a wireless low-frequency closed-end Z-wave protocol that allows for quick communication between devices and ensures the security of information transfer by encrypting data. Zipato technologies allow you to integrate Wi-Fi devices into your smart home system, as well as create a hybrid network partly implemented on the basis of wires. Thus, the Zipato technology is so flexible and versatile that it makes it possible to implement projects of any complexity with a guarantee of stability, safety and reliability. An undeniable advantage over wired systems of smart houses is that Zipato allows you to install a smart home system in any house or apartment, without carrying out the work of laying cables and stonewalling the walls. At the same time, projects implemented on the basis of Zipato technologies cost 2-3 times cheaper than similar projects based on KNX. This technology is especially beneficial for owners of already built housing.

What is our specialization?

Our main knowledge and experience is concentrated on the implementation of smart house projects based on Zipato. A smart home is not only the automation of a home, but it is also the comfort of a home. We cover all aspects of smart and comfortable housing and are ready to provide services for wired Internet, seamless Wi-Fi networks, IPTV, home theaters, audio systems, security systems, climate systems, video surveillance, access control to premises.

What is our ideology?

Domotics and comfort in every home, or in a house should be smart all. Quality, speed and convenience for reasonable money.

What projects do we implement?

Before we started as an independent project, we implemented several projects in private houses in the Marbella area. For large customers, we are ready to organize familiarity with existing projects.